Vodafone Mobile WiFi R206

Vodafone Mobile WiFi R206

Vodafone Mobile WiFi R206: Mini WiFi for up to ten devices
This mobile WiFi device will wirelessly connect you to our mobile broadband network – wherever you happen to be. And what’s more, you can use it to connect up to ten devices to the internet at once: your laptop, games console, camera or phone – anything WiFi enabled. Plus there’s no software to install on your laptop or computer – you simply connect as you would to any WiFi network. The device includes a high speed HSPA+ 21.6 Mbps download Mobile Broadband capability (5.7 Mbps upload). Mobile broadband, wherever you travel, as simple, elegant and easy as that!
And there’s more! If you buy a MicroSD memory card, you can use this mobile WiFi device to store and share files over its own little wireless network.



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